To book an appointment you must supply a contact phone number


Book an appointment online

or call... 01252 728252


You can book an appointment yourself online by clicking the button above and then clicking on a blue slot in the diary. New patients will need 4 available consecutive blue slots to book 60 mins. Follow-ups need 2 consecutive blue slots to book 30 mins. Click on the time you want and a choice of length of appointment will appear on the top right.

To book an appointment online you must supply a contact phone number and email address.

At present online booking is not available for animals.

For appointments for Pets and Animals please phone in.

Please note if you wish to change or cancel an appointment it must be done before 6pm the day before the appointment otherwise a £20 fee will apply. The fee also applies to forgotten appointments.

Don't forget if you are a new human patient you'll need 1 hour, follow-ups will need 30mins.

If you can't find a suitable appointment using the online diary then feel free to phone in as we are fairly flexible.