Sports Injuries & Chiropractic Treatment

Sports injuries often occur because something gives way.

Robert Brock provides chiropractic treatment for sports injuries

Sporting activity puts the body under exceptional physical stress and it is therefore vital that your muscles are fully activated so that they can:

(a) Stabilise the joints (which is their job).

(b) Provide the driving force necessary for you to effectively participate in the sport of your choice (allow you to operate at maximum efficiency).

A typical knee injury

Take the example of a footballer’s knee injury.

Please have a look at this video:

In this particular case the right knee is injured, clearly, but probably because the left leg gives way in the first place. It is likely that the muscles supporting the left leg were not firing correctly causing the player to collapse and drastically overstress the right knee joint. (which may itself not have been stabilized properly).

Ridding the body of muscle weakness

The keyword is “prevention” ie make the patient as "bullet-proof" as possible.

With Afferent Input Muscle Testing, the first priority is to rid the body of any muscle weakness making it more robust and resistant to injury as well as giving it the capability to operate at maximum efficiency. The diagnostic system is also highly effective in getting to the root cause of recurring injuries.

If a sportsperson is already injured then again it is vital to ensure nerve supply is at it’s best as well as using other treatment procedures such as ice, massage, taping and rehabilitation exercises.

Sports Massage

An important aspect of the treatment of sports injuries. This clinic often combines sports massage with ultrasound and taping.