As of 29th May 2020 our governing body the McTimoney Chiropractic Association (MCA) have said that we can now treat people who are in the ‘moderately vulnerable at risk’ group (as long as they are ‘in medical need’) ie those who are:

• Pregnant
• Over 70
• Have certain long-term health conditions/underlying medical conditions as specified.

Underlying medical conditions are defined in Schedule 1 of the government’s Health Protection 2020 Regulations.

However, we are still being recommended to avoid one on one consultation with Clinically extremely vulnerable patients (CEV) to ensure health and security of said clients and everyone that visits the practice. Example of such high-risk conditions can be found on the NHS website.

We will continue to listen to the advice of our governing body and association and monitor the situation, so please feel free to check this page for updates in the coming months. If you wish to book an appointment you can do so via email, calling reception on 01252 728252 or via our online booking form today, thank you.

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